Introducing The Most Lightweight (1.88KB) Cookie Consent Plugin for WordPress

Hello WordPress guys, today we are going to introduce you the most lightweight and easy solution to enable GDPR Compatible Cookie Consent in your website. Team WPBunny have developed a plugin that will simply show a cookie consent notification popup and will disappear once user clicks on “I understand” button.

About The Plugin

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GDPR cookie consent?

GDPR cookie consent is when users give their informed, explicit, unambiguous consent to which cookies on your website they will allow to be activated and collect their personal data, while visiting your site.

Does my WordPress site use cookies?

Yes, any WordPress site does uses cookies. By default, WordPress uses cookies to verify who the user is, i.e. if the user is logged-in (registered user) or is a commenter on the site. Plugins and theme’s may set cookies. For example, Cookies for Comments plugin uses cookies to prevent comment spam.


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