IT Nut Hosting Review – Best Quality Web Hosting for Speed & Security

Google officially declared that PageSpeed or websites loading speed is a ranking factor. After that, website owners feel importance of speeding up their website. Choosing the right web hosting is the first step of building a fast loading website. We will review some critical aspects of IT Nut Hosting here in this article focused on the speed and other metrics.

About IT Nut Hosting – Packages & Pricing

IT Nut Hosting started it’s journey as a small web hosting company in 2014. Reyazul Masud Riham, the founder of IT Nut Hosting started this as a web hosting reseller to serve his clients and soon he realized there were lacks of quality web hosting service providers. So, he decided to grow the business and in 2014 it started as a company. Since then, they are providing Domain, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, VPS Hosting and recently in January, 2020 they launched their Windows Hosting packages.


IT Nut Hosting is providing high-quality hosting services at an affordable price but wait.. you can’t criticize them without using their 30-days money back guarantee. I guarantee you will love their services. let’s see what types of web hosting services they are offering.

  • Shared cPanel Hosting
  • Shared Windows Hosting
  • VPS Cloud Server
  • Cheap Shared Hosting with NGinX Server


Without compromising with quality and speed, IT Nut Hosting is offering their services at a very affordable price. I can’t tell their pricing cheap though, but affordable for everyone. They have different packages with different prices focused on performances and storage. Shared Hosting packages starts at $1.25/month only!

Why choose IT Nut Hosting?

Here I am going to demonstrate some popular features that you can expect from them. I am personally impressed with these features and you should consider these as well before buying any web hosting services.

  • Speed
  • Uptime
  • Security
  • Support


IT Nut offers Fast Loading Website

IT Nut’s SSD powered shared hosting packages are available with LiteSpeed web server and cPanel control panel. So, you can expect a blazing fast performance on their server. Beside, cPanel & LiteSpeed Server; they offer LiteSpeed Cache module that makes any WordPress website faster than ever in association with the LiteSpeed Cache WordPress Plugin. Watch the video below where I have tested a demo website to see the loading performances.


IT Nut Hosting ensures 99.9% Uptime

I have been using their services since March 2019 and within this period, their server was down for only 3 minutes. As I was working on the site that time, I faced it. But when I contacted them, it was solved before telling them the issue. It was due to a network failure from the ISP as they replied.


IT Nut Hosting Security & Privacy

This is one of the most important feature that you should consider while choosing web hosting. IT Nut is doing quite well. IT Nut offers all major security essentials with all their packages. Some of them are:

  • Free SSL
  • Network Firewall
  • DDoS Protection

But, the important thing is they have experts who are always monitoring their servers to protect your site from possible security threats.


IT Nut Hosting Support

All of their support staffs are friendly and knowledgeable. Whenever I run into any problem or need some support, the respond very quickly. Besides the client portal, they also manages a community on Facebook where their customers help each others and can criticize them publicly. Join IT Nut Hosting Facebook Group.

Editor’s Feedback

As an user of them, I am going to demonstrate some of the crucial facts about IT Nut Hosting. I will share with you on what I liked and what I think they should improve.

What I Liked

  • Resources to Price ratio
  • SSD Storage
  • Awesome Support
  • Easy client dashboard
  • Superb Performance
  • LiteSpeed Server

What I Didn’t Liked

  • No 2FA to ensure extra security on client area.
  • The CyberPanel control panel that they offer for free on VPS is slow and buggy.


As I talked to them, IT Nut is promised to bring a revolution in the web hosting industry. They are improving their quality of services and support day by day. As far as I know, they are going to start offering “Managed WordPress Hosting” with premium CDN & Web Application Firewall. I am so excited to test that package as well, what about you?

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