Start a WordPress Blog in 30 seconds! (No Hidden Tricks)

WordPress is the most popular and widely used CMS to develop dynamic websites quickly and easily. With a little or no coding skills, you can create your blog with WordPress. Pages builder like Elementor, Brizy, Thrive Architect, Brizy, WP Bakery etc have made the processes of designing and building websites easier and fun. It all about simply dragging and dropping elements or widgets and installing or configuring plugins.

Steps To Start a WordPress Blog

Simply folow these  steps to get started with your WordPress blog:

  1. Login to your cPanel.
  2. Go to Softaculous Auto Installer section.
  3. Click on “WordPress”.
  4. Select “Install Now”.
  5. Fill up essentials fields like Site Title, Site Description (Tagline), WP Admin Username & Password. Do not forget to use strong passwords.
  6. Click “Install” and you are DONE!

Watch this video below or if you feel good to read, continue with the post. I have discussed all these steps in brief.

Step – 1. Login to your cPanel

You must have your domain and a hosting with cPanel. Contact your hosting provider if your hosting package has cPanel. If you have, login with the credentials given by your hosting company. I recommend IT Nut Hosting & ExonHost. They are some of the best in the industry now.

Step – 2. Go to Softaculous Auto Installer

After logging into your cPanel, go ot Softaculous Auto Installer and search for WordPress. If you can’t find, contact your hosting provider.

Step – 3. Install WordPress

Hope you found the WordPress, so click on the official logo of WordPress and go to the next step.

Step – 4. Go to Softaculous Auto Installer

You can see a list of site where you have installed WordPress. If you are going to install it for the first time here, then the list will be empty. Click on the “Install” button to start the WordPress installation process.

Step – 5. Fill up essentials fields

This is the most important step in installing WordPress. Go through all the fields carefully and fill up with appropriate values. Set strong password and enter the email carefully.

Step – 6. Launch the Dashboard

After completing all the required fields in step 5, now it’s time to click on the “Install Now” button and as soon as it finished click on the click stating “”. Congrats! You have successfully installed WordPress if you followed all these steps above carefully.


Installing WordPress is easy and fun with Softaculous Auto Installer. If you were able to install WordPress with this short tutorial, comment below. If you can’t, consider trying our FREE WordPress Installation Service. Cheers!

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